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Stack your personal style

Each bracelet is handcrafted to empower you to feel unique & celebrate your authenticity

Simply Sámi bracelets compliment each other when you stack them on your wrist!
Wear variations of widths, patterns and collections to create powerful dynamics and patterns, showcasing certain design features, colours and layouts.

Anna's top tips

Stacking Simply Sámi Bracelets:

I personally love stacking up bracelets of the same colour, right now, black is my favourite. And then, I play with combining different patterns and textures.

  • A bracelet model with a lot of pewter and silver thread, looks gorgeous beside one that is predominately in leather, vegetable dyed leather that is.
  • A very intricate wide model will be beautifully framed by 2 simpler braids.
  • The position and pattern of braids and they face you (the beautiful wearer) is important, and the overall shape they create together is important to me. If the bracelet is thin or wide, and how thick the pewter/silver thread is, if there is copper in it. It all adds different feelings, style and attitude.
  • Also stacked bracelets of different leather colours that compliment each other is absolutely stunning; black and grey, burgundy and tan, or maybe antique brown and steel blue.

Simply Sámi bracelet stacks are limitless – you create according to your personal style, special occasion, every day wardrobe and creativity! Be unique. Play around with different styles and please post your Simply Sámi bracelet images on instagram with the #simplysami and tag so we can see your style in action!

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