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This is the next level of timeless and classic. SAREK brings a touch of elegance to your daily style. Named after a natural treasure of Sweden filled with majestic and untouched wilderness, Sarek National Park. Sarek is a symbol for grace, beauty and freedom

Width 1.2cm

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Inspired by Anna’s Pokka family, and the traditional Sámi handcraft of her older family members, and the landscape of Sápmi, Anna created this fine jewelry line called the Traditional Collection. This collection of Sámi jewelry is about preserving tradition and culture and honouring family. It is important we honour what our ancestors have taught us. Anna hopes these pieces of jewelry will inspire you to get back to your roots, stand up for who you are and what you believe in, and find harmony in Nature.

design notes from Anna:

Timeless and classic with a modern twist on the centre braid design. SAREK brings a touch of elegance to your daily style. Named after a natural treasure of Sweden filled with majestic and untouched wilderness, Sarek National Park. Sarek is a symbol for grace, beauty and freedom

Width 1.2cm

For sizing: measure your wrist snug above the bone, and add 1cm – 1.5cm depending on how loose you like the bracelet to fit

Every Simply Sámi bracelet is carefully made by hand by myself as you order it. Please be aware that making Sámi jewelry is a very slow but sustainable process. Every piece of jewelry is custom made after your wrist and personal style. All bracelets are made with love and passion from highest quality reindeer leather*, nickel- and lead free pewter thread with 4% silver, silver tag, and hand-made button from shed reindeer antler. All raw materials are imported from craftsmen in Norrbotten Lapland Sweden for true authenticity

  • All reindeer leather are vegetable dyed in a traditional way with bark without added chemicals or chrome, apart from the modern color options: blues, burgundy, and violet.

Please be aware that a new Simply Sámi bracelet can feel a little stiff, but it quickly softens as you wear it. Same thing with the loop; it is made a little snug as the leather softens and the loop gets softer and slightly bigger after a few days of you wearing it. You can also rub a tiny bit of oil, like coconut oil, on it to make it soften faster. The reason why I make the loop snug is because I do not want you to loose your bracelet, so you can enjoy it for many years to come

Please always take off your Simply Sámi bracelet before showering or swimming as water damages leather. However, getting it a little wet occasionally does not damage the bracelet. Polishing is normally not required but the silver tag can be polished with a dry silver polish cloth if tarnished. The bracelet can be cleaned with leather conditioning if very dirty. The spun pewter wire will flatten down and take on a silver-like shiny patina when the bracelet is worn often.

For long-lasting durability, remove the bracelet before contact with water. 

If you are not satisfied with your item, please contact me as soon as possible. The easiest way is to send an email to 

Received the wrong size? Send the item back to me within 7 days from date of receiving. I’ll make a new bracelet for no extra charge.

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We offer Flat Shipping Rates. Canada – $5.00 | U.S – $15.00 | Everywhere Else – $20.00


The Shipping rate is charged per Order and not per item within the order. For Ordering more than 20 products please email us at

6 reviews for SAREK


    Hi Anna
    I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful bracelet (Sarek in brown). I love it! Thank you! Lisa


    This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, I love it Anna!! Thank you, I am so excited to wear this on my wedding day. Michelle


    My Sarek bracelet just arrived and it is BEYOND PERFECT!!! The detail and quality of work is exquisite and stacks perfectly with my previously bought Abisko bracelet…. Anna was just so wonderful to work with and was super helpful when I messed up my measurements – she immediately helped rectify the situation and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!! Love, love, love Simply Sámi xo

    Jane Nielsen

    I’ve had my eyes on simply Sami bracelets for quite some time. And I’m thrilled to share that I finally purchased the Sarek in black. I love it so much. It’s stunning, elegant and yet it can be worn every day. I wear my new Sarek in honour of the Sami people. I love that this bracket is handcrafted with love and passion poured into every moment of its creation. Your heart project Anna, is pure and beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your history with me. XO


    Simpli wonderful! The Sarek design goes well with the other 5 that I have. It won’t be my last one either. One can never have too many. They are more than accessories. The designs created lovingly by Anna, embody a living culture. Heartfelt thanks for sharing this wonderful tradition.

    Roseanne Luscombe

    My Sarek bracelet in black arrived yesterday and I’m so in love with it!! From the moment I put it on I could tell how very special it is and how much love and positivity it held.

    Thank you Anna for continuing this tradition.. I’m already looking forward to my next purchase! Xo

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