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    My conscious discovery of happiness in each moment allows me to rejoice in bliss…
    ABISKO is the portal to Swedish Lapland's mighty mountain tops and great plains
    Width 0.8 cm

    Inspired by a wild and strong mountain man; my grandfather Algot. ALGOT fits the independent man or woman who never says no to an adventure and never stops exploring

    Width 1.5 cm
  • GÖTE

    There are lots of different versions of tough.... GÖTE gives you tough in a tailored wild mountain person way.

    Width 1 cm
  • IISO

    IISO is named after Isokoski, which is our private little bay along the Kalix River in Lapland where our family cabin is located.

    Width 3 cm

    A leather center piece gives this five braid a clean look with added contrast. JÄRVI is named after Jukkasjärvi, which is a small village in the very North of Sweden close to Reindeer Lake (Rensjön) where my great grandmother was born.

    Width 1.2 cm


    KALIX is named after the Kalix river (Kalixälven) that passes by my family's cottage up in Lapland. Just a short drive from where grandfather was born and raised in the forest. Kalix symbolizes balance and harmony. Flow as the river.

    Width 2.5 cm

  • MALM

    MALM is named after Malmberget and symbolize the little town couple of km north of Gällivare where my grandparents have lived most their lives and where my mother was born. This town is placed upon a small mountain (Illuvaara) and has amazing mountain views that makes me feel like home 

    Width 1.7cm


    Anna's great grandmother MARIA seemed to be a very brave and independent woman who loved simplicity, nature and wilderness more than anything. This inspired Anna to design this bracelet model with a pattern that symbolizes the feelings of Mother Nature. The flow of the water we drink, and the air we breathe. MARIA's soft flowy pattern helps us to ground ourself with nature. To stay strong. 

    Width 2.5 cm


    When traditional simplicity is combined with luxury, MÄRTA is born. Leather combined with a lot of silver shine gives you this luxurious reindeer bracelet. Märta is named after my dear grandmother.

    Width 2 cm


    Nallo is a mountain in the northern part of Sweden, close to the area where my family is originally from. Nallo means 'the needle' as this mountain is very characteristic with sharp points. Mountains like this are very empowering to me, and they charge me with both strength and wisdom from both nature and my ancestors. I designed this bracelet to me a reminder of this; let yourself feel be empowered and grounded by nature. Just the was we have always been. 

    Width 1.7 cm


    Timeless. Stylish. And very important. POKKA keeps it simple but classy with a little more eye catching silver in a double four braid. Named after our Sámi family name; Pokka symbolizes courage. To have the courage to go on your own life adventures and never ever giving up. 

    Width 1 cm

  • SÁMI

    Simple is beautiful. SÁMI is for you who prefer the minimalistic traditional look. Sámi is a reminder to show great respect to heritage, family, culture, community, the land and the whole planet. Remember who you are and where you come from. Honour your roots! We are stronger together, let's come together as one

    Width 0.8 cm